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Product Description

Welcome to a brawl for the ages

It's time to brawl – the superlative blockbuster beat 'em up is back! Play Super Smash Bros. Brawl today and see all your favourite Nintendo characters battle it out in an epic rumble on your Nintendo Wii, or on your Nintendo Wii U in Wii Mode. As the characters square off in famous locales drawn from the rich history of Nintendo, literally anything can happen – and usually does. With limitless customising options, items and weapons that boggle the mind, and a wealth of modes, this game has truly infinite replayability.

The gang's all here – from Mario to Pikachu, Link to Donkey Kong – so expect all sorts of chaos when you play Super Smash Bros. Brawl for Wii. Newcomers to the list of famous faces this time around also include Kirby's sword-wielding arch-enemy Meta Knight, Kid Icarus' angelic archer Pit, Metroid's armour-less heroine Zero Suit Samus, and the dastardly Wario. You'll also see Snake from the Metal Gear series, as well as a certain blue hedgehog!

Design your very own dream fighting arena using the Stage Builder, then invite opponents to take you on at your home turf! There are also extensive control options to help you play the game just how you want to. Use the Wii remote side-on in the same way you would a classic NES controller, or attach it to the Nunchuk and add a different dimension to the way you play. Alternatively, why not fight using a Wii classic controller or GameCube controller? Whichever place and way you choose to fight, you can be sure Super Smash Bros. Brawl will prove to be the biggest, baddest, and brawniest of the series to date.

Choose to fight as any one of a number of legendary characters.
Design your own dream fighting arena using the Stage Builder.
The gang's all here – from Mario to Pikachu, Link to Donkey Kong.
Key features
  • Anything from a Nintendo game could conceivably be in this game, whether it's a musical score, an obscure item, or a character that shows up to help the fighters.
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl is eminently customisable, so players can choose the frequency of items appearing, adjust musical scores, and play the game however they'd like.
  • For multiplayer games, players pick characters, set rules and locations for where they want to play, and then duke it out.
  • In Solo Mode, characters play through a long, side-scrolling adventure, beating up enemies along the way as they watch short cinematics starring their favourite characters.
  • Choose from four great control options: Wii remote only, Wii remote and Nunchuck, Gamecube controller, and classic contoller.

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