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Platform: Nintendo 3DS|Edition: X Edition
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  • ASIN: B00B7JT5F4
  • Release Date: 12 Oct. 2013
Platform:Nintendo 3DS | Edition:X Edition

Product Description

An epic adventure awaits

The world of Pok?mon takes a breathtaking 3D turn in Pok?mon X, an exclusive entry in the popular series for Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL. Your grand adventure will take you on your quest to become the Champion, the strongest Trainer of all. No matter where you go, you'll encounter many different wild Pok?mon that you can befriend. You're also sure to meet lots of interesting people, as well as encounter Legendary Pok?mon!

Welcome to the Kalos region

Pok?mon X challenges players to visit the mysterious Kalos region, a strange land that will allow you to take your very first steps into the next evolution of Pok?mon, with the chance to choose between three brand new starter Pok?mon! Home to beautiful skies and forests, the Kalos region is full of interesting places to visit and explore. The central city of the Kalos region is Lumiose City, a thriving metropolis filled with customers checking out its variety of shops. Many roads extend from the iconic tower at the city's centre.

The mysterious star-shaped Kalos region.
Lumiose City, the centre of the Kalos region.
You begin your journey in Vaniville Town.
Begin in Vaniville Town

Vaniville Town is your new home at the beginning of your adventure. The start of your journey waits just past the ornate town gates. Before leaving, your neighbour will be eager to meet you. Plus, you'll meet the family Rhyhorn, who's resting on its pad in your front yard! After leaving Vaniville Town, the first populated location you'll visit is Santalune City. It's a lovely city, easily identifiable by the large fountain at the centre of town. It's also home to the Santalune City Gym.

Your quest to become the Champion

RPG fans will no doubt love the style of play Pok?mon X offers, which sees you start off with Grass-type Chespin, Fire-type Fennekin, or Water-type Froakie before really starting your epic adventure. Along the way you'll discover its special moves and pick up experience in each battle; in turn, this means your Pok?mon will grow stronger and eventually evolve. As usual though, there are plenty of other Pok?mon waiting to be discovered as you go along, including new characters like Grass-type Gogoat, the latest evolution of Eevee named Sylveon, recently discovered Legendary Pok?mon Xerneas, and a mysterious Pok?mon that's somehow connected to Mewtwo.

Choose from Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie.
Battle to increase experience and strength.
The Legendary Pok?mon Xerneas.

What's new in Pok?mon X?

Mega Evolution

Mega Evolution is described as an Evolution beyond all Evolution, a transformation found only in the Kalos region. It has also been called the greatest mystery of Pok?mon. In addition to far greater strength, Mega-Evolved Pok?mon may also see their ability change, or even their type. A Mega-Evolved Pok?mon will be able to tap into a strength far greater than it could before, so when a Pok?mon becomes Mega-Evolved in battle, Trainers will have a great opportunity to turn a battle around and snag a win!

Super Training

Pok?mon gain experience and grow stronger by battling with other Pok?mon. In Pok?mon X, that's not the only way to help your Pok?mon grow – check out a brand-new method of Pok?mon training: Super Training. With Super Training, it’s not your Pok?mon's level that goes up but its base stats, the underlying values that define your Pok?mon's skills in battle. As these base stats increase, your Pok?mon can increase its HP, Attack, or other stats beyond those of another Pok?mon of the same species at the same level.

Player Search System

Connect and play with other Trainers at any time with the new Player Search System (PSS), which allows you to find other people playing Pok?mon X and Pok?mon Y! You'll connect to other players nearby or around the world through the internet; you can even communicate with players you've never had any contact with before.

A number of Pok?mon can now Mega-Evolve.
Increase base stats with Super-Training.
Connect across the world with the PSS.
Photo Spots

You'll see all kinds of beautiful scenery and locations during your adventures in Pok?mon X. Take beautiful photos of these fantastic views. Just like a real camera, you'll be able to adjust the aperture, shutter speed, brightness, and other features to dial in the perfect shot!

The Fairy type

More than ten years after the series' first games, a new chapter in Pok?mon battling history is about to unfold with the Fairy type. You've already met the first Fairy-type Pok?mon – Sylveon – and there are also Pok?mon from previous games that will be reclassified as Fairy-type Pok?mon. They may look the same, but the strategies you'll choose and the way you use these Pok?mon in battle will be unlike ever before!

Many more features

Even more new features in Pok?mon X include the following: new ways to battle in Horde Encounters and Sky Battles, playing with your Pok?mon in Pok?mon-Amie, changing your outfit and hairstyle, Trainer PR Videos, the Battle Chateau, the Battle Maison, the Friend Safari, and the Battle Institute.

Take great photos how you wish.
Features two new ways to battle.
Play with your Pok?mon in Pok?mon-Amie.

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